Advice on insulation, fire protection and environmental remediation

Consulting, screening and energy-saving insulation

At Allan Ploug A/S, we specialise in fire protection, decontamination of environmentally hazardous substances and energy-saving insulation. Our many years of experience and passion for good craftsmanship mean that we now have great and in-depth knowledge of our field – and we are happy to share this.

We emphasise quality and thoroughness in everything we work with. All kinds of tasks and projects are carried out in accordance with current legislation and guidelines. For the same reason, we have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of everything from standards and regulations to suppliers and products. Whether you have a task or project involving fire protection, environmentally hazardous substances or energy optimisation, we are ready to help by providing professional advice and guidance.

Of course, we are also happy to provide a completely non-binding quote for your task if you want a better indication of the price. Contact us by phone on +45 36 45 36 36 or fill out the contact form to find out more.

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Contact us for advice and screening

We can provide advice and answers to most questions over the phone. For example, we can provide a good indication regarding asbestos, PCB or mould, clarify any questions in relation to fire safety regulations and explain issues regarding insulation thickness.

In some cases, a conversation on the phone is not enough. It may be necessary for us to screen your building in order to provide us with the data we need to provide a qualified answer to your questions. Should this be the case, we will of course also provide you with a non-binding quote for such a screening of fire protection, environmentally hazardous building materials or energy optimisation.

If you are in doubt and need the help of a competent expert to be able to make a qualified decision, we are always ready to help. Therefore, you are always more than welcome to call us on +45 36 45 36 36 or write to us.

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