Conlit fire insulation of steel – technical insulation of pipes

We are specialists in insulation from A to Z.

Since 1980, Allan Ploug A/S has worked with insulation in all sizes, for example conlit fire protection and fire insulation of steel and pipes. Performance and advisory services in the fields of technical insulation of pipes, fire insulation, sound insulation and insulation of buildings and processing plants are one of our core areas.

Conlit fire protection and fire insulation of steel and pipes

We are ready to help companies and organisations in the Danish business community to create optimal operations with the help of proper fire insulation. We offer complete solutions within all phases of construction, from idea to execution and further to operation and maintenance. Through our internal quality policy, we ensure that the quality of our conlit fire protection and fire insulation of steel and pipes is top notch.

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Experts in technical insulation of pipes

One of our absolute core areas is technical insulation. Performing this type of insulation requires the right knowledge and experience, as pipes, tanks, ventilation and containers place special demands on insulation. We perform all tasks and projects in accordance with the DS 452 and BR18 standards.

When we work with insulation, we only use quality products from leading manufacturers and suppliers in the Danish market. This ensures that we can always offer the optimal solution in thermal insulation, cooling insulation and fire insulation. We have both the knowledge and the experience to offer cooling, protection against correction, condensation insulation and ventilation insulation.

In short, we are experts in technical insulation – and we can help you limit your energy loss, ensure reasonable operating conditions and not least avoid damage to the environment.

Insulation incl. fire protection

When we work with technical insulation, typically we also focus on fire protection. Fire protection is also one of our core competencies, which is why we can include this in our work with insulation, so that the risk of fire development and spread is minimised and the commissioning permit can be secured.

Regardless of the size of the task, we treat it individually and adapt our solution to match the requirements and needs of the task and the customer.

Authorised Isover injector

We are an authorised injector through Isover, one of Denmark’s largest manufacturers of insulation material. In addition to this, we have more than 30 years of experience, a wide range of competences and a desire to always do our best to meet customers’ wishes and/or needs. Therefore, we are the right choice as a partner for consulting, design and execution for a given project.

Get a quote for your insulation task

If you need a competent partner to take care of your technical insulation, we are always ready to help. We can advise you on the right solution and carry out the work. This ensures that you get a 100% valid and correct solution which can save you both money and concern. If you want to hear more about our expertise in insulation, or if you want to receive a non-binding offer, you are always more than welcome to contact us.

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