Energy optimisation with ceiling and cavity wall insulation

Building insulation

In building insulation, we offer cavity wall insulation and ceiling insulation for energy saving and a better utilisation of heat and energy sources in the building. By focusing on energy optimisation and improved building insulation, you can achieve a better indoor climate as well as large savings – both financially and in the general climate accounts.

Allan Ploug A/S performs tasks of all sizes and can provide an energy savings calculation as well as a calculation of what the specific work will save the environment in terms of CO2. Contact us by phone on +45 36 45 36 36 or fill out the contact form to hear more.

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Cavity wall and ceiling insulation = better economy and indoor climate

Allan Ploug A/S is authorised through Isover, one of Denmark’s leading insulation suppliers. Thus, we are subject to Isover’s control scheme and random checks are done of all tasks. This is your guarantee of a job well done.

The actual work is done by injecting insulation granules into cavity walls or in the ceiling of the building.

We carry out building insulation jobs of all sizes, just as we are happy to carry out the calculations.

Among other things, we can make calculations on the total savings and payback time, so that you can get a clear answer as to whether the investment will pay off.

Soundproofing = better work environment

Insulation not only keeps heat in – it also dampens sound. As sound insulation often arises as a by-product of building insulation and technical insulation, we have designed and solved several complex tasks with the purpose of sound reduction. We help from A to Z – from the consulting phase to execution – in order to ensure the right solutions from theory to practice.

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Whatever type of insulation you need, we are ready to help. With our knowledge, competences and quality insulation, we can create a better, greener and safer environment for your company or property.

We are happy to come by to assess your building and provide a qualified suggestion about how you can save money and energy and optimise the working environment using insulation. If you want to know more or have questions, you are always more than welcome to contact us and hear more.

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